Monday, September 14, 2009

troy starts kindergarten

troy started school today and i was so proud of him :) he is my youngest child and youngest son. he is the last of my children to start kindergarten Wow! what a trip! just to think it was like yesterday that i gave birth to him, my beautiful boy. my daughter Domenica (mickey) i like to call her she is a real gem what a beauty! she is starting to come into her own now and sometimes i forget that she inst a little girl anymore. i wish that i could just pick her up and wrap her in my arms all the time like i did when she was a baby, i miss that so much, she has no idea! i always have to put on a strong face for my children which is hard to do when ur the one who needs to feel strengthened at times. my kids are my strength they are the ones that keep me together without my kids my life would be so empty. i never thought i would ever have children to be honest not to mention 4 but boy howdy, i am sure glad i did!

with that being said i need to get off the computer so my daughter as fore-mentioned can get on here. i will come back in a bit and finish my "blogging" as it were. God bless everyone and ROCK ON MAN!